Getting started with your website

Adding and Editing Blocks

  • Adding Blocks

    Press the   +   button to open the Block Picker where you can choose from a range of Blocks in different categories.


    Tip: Use the Text and Media Block for most content on your page.

  • Editing Blocks

    Hovering over or tapping a Block will reveal the Edit button. Press the button to open the editor where you can add your content and customise the look and feel of the Block.

Updating the design

With Vert, every design change automatically applies to your whole website which saves you time and keeps your site looking consistent — the key to a professional looking website.


Navigate to the Design screen to start updating.

Previewing your site

When you're ready to see how a page will look to your customers, hit the Preview button in the toolbar.


📱Mobile: Tap the  •••  button to bring up your page actions. 

Go Live!

Once you're happy with your page, just hit the Publish button and it will go live on the internet for all to see. 

Ready for your next steps?

Check out the Website topic in Vert Learn for more tips on getting the most out of Vert's website builder.

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