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Record new leads, track their sales journey, view all communication history, and much more.

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Powerful tools to manage your leads

Vert’s built-in lead management tools make capturing & managing leads easier.

  • No additional cost

    Vert's lead management tools come included with your Vert subscription. No need to pay for plugins or additional software.

  • Manage leads anywhere

    Access Vert on your mobile, tablet or desktop and manage your leads no matter where you are.

  • Track their sales journey

    Lead statuses let you organise and track leads as they go through their sales journey.

  • Add comments to leads

    Add comments to leads and view comments made by other team members.

  • Activity and communication history

    All lead activity and communication history is recorded for each of your leads. 

  • Link form submissions to leads

    Vert intelligently connects form submissions to your leads list, making it easier for you to keep track of lead information. 

Collaborate with team members

Collaborate with up to 5 team members to manage leads. Assign them to leads and view their comments and activity.

Automatic Task Creation

Configure tasks to be automatically created and assigned to team members when new leads are created or their status has changed.

Capture leads straight from your Vert website with forms


Integrated Form Management

Built-in forms allow your visitors to quickly and easily ask questions, give feedback or request more information.


Custom Forms

Easily create custom forms to use on your website with our form builder. Tailor each form to capture information that caters to your specific needs.

Lead Checklists

A convenient way to assess whether team members are following the right process for each lead.

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