Website Guides

  • Brand Settings in Vert

    With Vert achieving a consistent brand experience  for your customers across your website is set and forget. 


    Once you have configured your design settings every page, every block and every email notification sent will automatically have the look and feel of your business.


    Clicking on the Design settings lets you update the settings below.

  • SEO Settings in Vert

    How to use page settings to boost your ranking

  • Previewing & Publishing

    Vert comes with a simple yet powerful content publishing workflow that involves creating content, reviewing it, and then publishing it. 


    Your Preview site allows you to see how the content will look before it goes live. You can open your preview site on any device and even share it with others to get their input.


    Once you are happy with your content you can mark it Published, making it live on your website and accessible to the world.

  • How to make a website using Vert

    Using Vert you can either to choose to start with a blank canvas, or select one of our professionally designed website templates to use as a starting point.


    Our designers have created a range of templates for businesses of all sizes in different industries.

  • Why doesn't my site appear in Google?

    Let's look into common problems that can cause your site not to appear in search engine results.