SEO Settings in Vert

How to use page settings to boost your ranking

Page Settings

Vert helps you automate many of the SEO tasks commonly performed on a website. Occasionally you might want more control over how this works. 


Most settings are able to be set as you add each page to your website. If you change your mind later on, or want to see advanced options simply open the page in the Vert editor and click the settings cog near the preview and publish actions.

The Importance of Page Titles and URLs for SEO

Page titles and URLs play a crucial role in SEO by providing search engines and users with valuable information about the content of a webpage. Here are some benefits: 

- Page titles help search engines understand the topic of the page and can impact search rankings. 
- URLs that are clear, concise, and relevant to the content can improve the overall user experience and make it easier for search engines to crawl and index the page.


When you create a new Page, the name you give the Page will automatically become the Page Title.


Page Titles correspond to the label that appears in the browser tab, and also when your site comes up in search engine results.


The name you give you Page will also be the URL (e.g my

The Importance of Navigation Links for SEO

Navigation links in the header of a website are crucial for SEO because they help search engines understand the structure of your site. This makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your pages effectively, improving your overall search visibility.

- Navigation links act as a roadmap for search engines to discover and access your content
- Properly structured navigation can enhance user experience and keep visitors engaged


When you add a page to Vert to provide high level content (such as your Product Listing or an About Us, or Contact Us page) you can select to include it in the Header and/or Footer navigation when a title of your choosing.


For example you might give a page a title (see above) of ‘About My Company’, setting a seperate navigation title lets you show that page on your website with a link titled ‘About’

Understanding Page Meta Tags for SEO

Page meta title and description tags are like a book's cover and summary. The page title title you set earlier tells search engines what the page is about, while the description tag provides a brief overview. Both are crucial for SEO as they influence search rankings and attract users to click on your website.


Vert will automatically provide a description of your page to search engines. If you need more control over the description you can adjust the page's meta  description under the SEO section in page settings.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you've walked through this guide and you still can't get your site to appear in the search results check out our guide to Why doesn't my site appear in Google?