Why doesn't my site appear in Google?

Let's look into common problems that can cause your site not to appear in search engine results.

Vert automatically ensures your site pages are accessible for search engines like Google to index so they appear in their search results. Your site may not appear though if it is too new, if you haven't published the page or if you have set your page to be hidden from search engines.


Check if it has been indexed

Open a search engine like Google and search for site:your domain where your domain is your full website domain like site:vert.works. If you see your site appear in the result this means Google has successfully indexed your site.


If you still can't see it in the search results…

This can happen if the words on your website don't match what people are searching for. Search engines try to show the best websites for each search. If the words on your site don't use the same keywords people are searching with, the search engine may not think your site is a good fit. To fix this, you need to make sure the words and topics on your website closely match what people are searching for. That will help your indexed website appear more often when people search for things related to your business.


If it's not indexed…

Ensure you have published and launched your site. In the Vert website builder, go to your home page then press the Publish button. Note: Google may still not index this straight away as it takes time for Google to reach the page again to index you could also ask Google to re-index your site.


Ensure you haven't toggled the setting to hide your page from search engines. On the page you want to check, press the Settings cog in the toolbar and scroll down to the ‘Hide page from engines’ option and ensure this is turned off.