Brand Settings in Vert

Configuring your brand

With Vert achieving a consistent brand experience  for your customers across your website is set and forget. 


Once you have configured your design settings every page, every block and every email notification sent will automatically have the look and feel of your business.


Clicking on the Design settings lets you update the settings below.

Website design settings

Brand colour

The first step to configuring your branding experience is to set the primary colour of your brand.


Vert will use this colour to generate a complimentary palette that is perfect for use online. 

Brand colour selection

Your font style

Selecting fonts that work together can be challenging our designers have taken the hard work out by curating a set of fonts that always work together.


Simply select a paring that represents the image you want to convey and Vert will do the rest.

Font parings

Header & Footer

Your header and footer are consistent elements that appear on every page of your website.


Here you will upload your logos and decide what the overall appearance should be.


Clicking on the Navigation & Footer settings lets you modify the settings below.

Navigation settings

Header Design

The Header Design controls the appearance of the top navigation bar on your website.


The Layout options control how the header is laid out. A compact design will push all the items onto one row whereas a tall layout will move the page links to their own row.


Once you have settled on a layout and chosen a colour you can upload the top navigation logo for your site.

Header settings

Header Call to Action

Many people have a primary call to action, such as “Call Now” for their business. 


You can enable a call to action by checking the “Show Action Button” option. This allows you to place a CTA at the top of every page on your site.

Footer Design

The footer block is a consistent design that appears at the bottom of each page on your website. It allows you to provide links to the important sections of your website to help visitors find your content.


The first setting is the background colour. You can then upload another variation of your logo, in the footer there is more room than the header so logos with taglines or taller layouts can be used.


Finally there is an ability to include some text such at contact information that will be included on each page.