Previewing and Publishing

Understanding Vert's Content Publishing Workflow

Vert comes with a simple yet powerful content publishing workflow that involves creating content, reviewing it, and then publishing it. 


Your Preview site allows you to see how the content will look before it goes live. You can open your preview site on any device and even share it with others to get their input.


Once you are happy with your content you can mark it Published, making it live on your website and accessible to the world.

Previewing your site

You can preview how your website will look by selecting the Preview button. This is a good opportunity to make sure buttons, links and images on your website work before making it live.

Publishing your changes

Publishing your website makes it go public and anyone will be able to access it online.


Anytime you make changes to a page, they won't go live until you Publish it again. Letting you test how they will look before sharing them with the world.